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Whole House Inspections

Whole house inspections include both structural and mechanical inspection. While the mechanical inspection focuses on the home’s electric and plumbing, the structural inspection encompasses the integrity of the entire house.


  • Up to 2500 Square Feet above ground
  • 2500 to 3000 Square Feet above ground
  • 3000 to 3500 Square Feet above ground
  • 3500 to 5000 Square Feet above ground
  • 5000+ Square Feet above ground

What Gets Inspected?

Plumbing System

  • Interior water supply and distribution systems including all fixtures and faucets.
  • Drain, Waste and Vent Systems including all fixtures.
  • Water Heating Equipment.
  • Vent Systems, Flues and Chimneys.
  • Fuel Storage and Fuel Distribution Systems.
  • Drainage Sumps, Sump Pumps, and Related Piping.

Electrical System

  • Service Drop, Service Entrance Conductors, Cables, and Raceways.
  • Service Equipment and Main Disconnects. Service Grounding System.
  • Service Panels and Sub Panels (Breaker Box).
  • All accessible wiring on Exterior and Interior of the Home.
  • A representative number of installed lighting fixtures, switches, and receptacles.
  • Ground fault circuit interrupters. HVAC (Heating & Air Conditioning)
  • Exterior Condenser Unit – Levelness, Clearances, Condition of Cabinet & Coil.
  • Interior Temperature Differentials.
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